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The Team

Who We Are

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Sam Nevarez

Political Consultant & CEO

Sam is a highly motivated individual that works hard in any project he gets involved with. He has been involved in Politics since the age of 16 where he has worked on multiple campaigns and the California Legislature. Sam's motivation comes from his Family, Sam Nevarez is Texas based with is Wife Cassie and their two beautiful children. 


Jim Shillinglaw

Political Director & Branding Specialist

Jim is a young passionate strategist. After graduating from Franciscan University in 2019, he began his career by working a field representative for Engage Texas, where he helped register Republicans in order to keep Texas Red. Later, he went to lead the door knocking efforts for the Cory Gardner campaign in Pueblo County. After the end of that race, he returned to Texas. While not working, Jim enjoys writing short stories and stressing over his beloved Steelers.


Juan Palare

Communications & Image Director

Served on both Congressional and state assembly member’s races back in 2018. Prior to that, I worked in the elected office of State Senators. Worked on canvassing and in the phone banking arena as well. Always try to put my best forward and look forward to developing a strategy and want to work with your organization to transition your presence onto an online setting.


  • Jessica Traylor

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